Red Deer College – Recycling Residence Mattresses with Re-Matt

Red Deer College Residence

Red Deer College Residence

Re-Matt is getting geared up to tackle another post-secondary institution’s mattresses! Red Deer College (RDC) is doing a huge mattress change-out at the end of this school year to replace their used mattresses with newly purchased ones. RDC has 180 Residence units and about 575 students stay in the dorms during the academic year. For the first time, RDC has the option to recycle these old mattresses through Re-Matt! RDC residences’ have 168 mattresses to dispose of, which means that 168 mattresses will be diverted from landfills and 3,000 pounds of recoverable materials will be recycled! Re-Matt is able to recycle 95% of every mattress we receive into new products! We are proud to support local manufacturers in Calgary – we are thankful for the help in giving our mattress and box-spring constituent materials a new life!

Re-Matt is, once again, impressed by the waste diversion initiatives and recycling culture created at post-secondary institutions in Alberta. RDC definitely has a campus to be reckoned with – they even have a RDC Green Campus Task Group – dedicated to inform and educate the College community on the importance of energy, water conservation and pertinent environmental issues. This task group is working on creating and implementing green procedures for recycling, reducing waste, reusing materials and finding alternate types of transportation. Their vision is: “Reduce - RDC will strive to reduce the consumption of natural gas, electricity and power and decrease the impact on local landfills by implementing composting and waste diversion.”

Some of the RDC Green Campus Task Group’s initiatives include:

-       Carpooling – RDC has created priority carpooling stalls in designated parking lots for registered students and staff in the Green Campus program.

-       Transit – RDC offers one free parking voucher per month for regular transit users who occasionally need to bring their vehicle

-       Recycling – RDC encourages students and staff to bring their own coffee mugs to use at on-campus coffee houses. RDC also offers bottle, paper, battery and other recycling services.

-       Waster Conservation Program

-       Lights Out Program

-       Power-Down Program

-       And now… RDC will recycle their used mattresses through Re-Matt!


Re-Matt is happy and eager to work with RDC to eliminate mattress dumping from their residences. Thanks for the support, RDC!

For additional information about RDC’s Green Campus, check out this link: