What Re-Matt Does

At Re-Matt, we recycle mattresses (from both businesses and residential customers) into their raw materials (wood, foam, felt, metal etc.). Until now, there were no other ways to recycle mattresses in Calgary (or surrounding areas) and all used mattresses would end up in landfills. Mattresses can take decades to decompose and take up large amounts of space in landfills, as they are very hard to compress.

After purchasing a new mattress, consumers now have the option to bring their old mattress to our facility, where it can be broken down to raw materials. These raw materials will further be reused as new products. Re-Matt dismantles the mattress or box spring and about 95% of the materials are reused. We support Alberta local businesses by sending these raw materials to local manufacturers. 

What is Inside a Mattress? Photo Credit: http://sleeponlatex.com/

What is Inside a Mattress? Photo Credit: http://sleeponlatex.com/

Re-Matt strives to be the green alternative. The impact mattresses have on city landfills is substantial because they are very hard to compress and take a long time to decompose.  Many mattresses are incinerated as an alternative way of disposal, which has a negative effect on the environment, and the metal springs in the mattresses can be very hard on the equipment. 

If you have an old, used, worn mattress - let us know! Re-Matt would love to take it off your hands so it stays out of landfills. We charge $20.00 +GST per mattress or box spring, and you can rest easy knowing you chose the green alternative! Check out Re-Matt's Pricing & Products page for more information on our services. 

Want to know more about mattresses and their potential harm on the environment? Check out Re-Matt's Mattress Facts page.