BluPlanet Recycling - Sustainability in Calgary's Offices and Condos

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! Our Re-Matt team loves being green every day but especially on St. Pat’s Day!

Despite it being a 'day of green'… we wanted to introduce some blue.. BluPlanet that is! 

BluPlanet Recycling is a local Calgary company providing recycling services to Multi-Family and Commercial customers. They’re well known around Calgary for their super customer service and ability to customize recycling systems to suit any space or need. BluPlanet provides a large variety of options and they recognize that every building or business is different and changes on a case-by-case basis.

In 2009, Devin Goss, Scott Rand and Nate Weiland founded BluPlanet. As you may know, Shawn Cable created Re-Matt when he realized that there were no mattress recycling options in Alberta. Similarly, Devin Goss lived in a condominium building with no recycling program for him or the other residents - he and his partners saw a huge gap in Calgary’s environmental sustainability market – and BluPlanet was born.

BluPlanet’s mission is to maintain their triple bottom line: their contributions to the community and the environment are just as important as their financial gains. We love how BluPlanet is both environmentally AND socially sustainable. One great example is that all of the profits from Bluplanet’s refundable beverage containers are donated to various local not-for-profits. This program has raised tens of thousands of dollars for Calgary charities!

In their own words, here are the top 5 reasons to work with BluPlanet Recycling:

  1. BluPlanet’s fully commingled (no sorting or bagging required), mixed materials collection system achieves the best diversion rates of any provider in the market. Recycling is all about waste diversion.
  2. BluPlanet makes recycling as easy and convenient as possible by using a variety of collection bin systems that can be customized to suit the restrictions of your office or building.
  3. BluPlanet is a customer service oriented company and we take great care to ensure that your program operates to the best of its ability by proactively making improvements and solving problems before they appear.
  4. We are not owner operators. BluPlanet employs a team of specialists to ensure that all facets of our operations work seamlessly, ensuring reliability of services.
  5. BluPlanet is a local company that really does care. We strive to be a good corporate citizen by employing a variety of fund raising efforts to support local not-for-profit organizations.

BluPlanet has grown quickly but they have kept their local and customer-first values. Re-Matt is humbled by BluPlanet’s story and progress and we’re thrilled to team up with such an impressive company! We are thankful for the support and opportunity to recycle even more mattresses in Calgary and surrounding areas :)

Please check out BluPlanet’s website for more information, videos, FAQs and a list of their awards:

Wishing you all a safe evening of Green Beer drinking!!