Prospect Human Services

Recycling mattresses is definitely not an easy task. At Re-Matt, we utilize a deconstruction process that separates all the materials contained in mattresses and box springs. We dismantle each mattress by hand so we can maximize the amount of recyclable material we extract. Re-Matt receives over 100 mattresses and box springs to our warehouse every couple of days. Depending on the mattress size, each one weighs from 50 to 300 pounds! That’s a lot of heavy lifting and a lot of work to dissemble each mattress, by hand.

Re-Matt has been working with Prospect Human Services to recruit some of our best employees. Prospect helps people who face barriers to employment overcome those obstacles by supporting individual skill development and creating workplace capacity.

Prospect is a leading agency with a track record of breaking barriers and helping people get jobs. Prospect has experts in assessment, innovative skill development, job placement, and retention. They work with job-seekers and employers (such as Re-Matt) to create win-win scenarios.

Prospect created an employment initiative called Empact: designed to help people connect to the workforce and stay there, through skill building, practical work experience, direct job placement, and retention assistance. Empact has been devised to help identify gaps in candidates’ skills, strengthen their abilities, find them jobs, and then help them succeed.

Re-Matt is happy to support and work with local programs such as Prospect, to employ individuals that strive to be contributors to our company and the City of Calgary. We are extremely thankful for our relationship with Prospect as they have introduced us to some of our most motivated and successful employees. We have enjoyed working with the Prospect staff and can’t say enough about our experience so far!

Thanks Prospect! We appreciate your help and support!

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