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Re-Matt loves to find interesting and informative environmental blogs, and this week we came across a new FAV: Ways 2 Go Green Blog. This 'green alternative' blog was started in 2008 by Clay Miller who wanted to share his green knowledge. Since then, there have been guest posts by contributors from around the world: USA, England, Australia, Slovakia, Korea, India, Thailand and Turkey.

Check out:

Check out:

Ways 2 Go Green Blog is a fantastic green resource with many interesting articles about choosing the green alternative in daily life. The blog provides information on a variety of topics including: how to be green at school, the office and at home; information on recycling, reducing and reusing; parks; decomposition rates of items when not recycled; composting; planting trees; gardening; plastic identification codes and saving money.

At Re-Matt, we are working hard to make mattress recycling the ONLY alternative for mattress disposal. Mattresses are just too big and have too many precious materials to be thrown in landfills. We are asking all Albertans to consider the environmental consequences before sending your used mattress to the landfill - bring it to us instead and we will recycle almost 100% of the every mattress.

We are happy to hear that Ways 2 Go Green Blog loves mattress recycling almost as much as we do! We found a post about mattress recycling here: - make sure you check it out!

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Happy Green Living!