Re-Matt's History

Were you wondering how we found ourselves in the business of Recycling Mattresses?

Here's a little back story on our Founder, Shawn Cable and how he brought Re-Matt to life!

In 2014, Shawn Cable established Re-Matt Inc. in Calgary, Alberta. Shawn has lived in Calgary since the early 2000’s after moving from Prince George, BC. During a tour of a Calgary furniture warehouse (as part of a university course), he realized there was a crucial need to find a way to recycle mattresses. Shawn realized there was a major absence of specialty recycling programs in the city of Calgary and the province of Alberta, in particular Mattress Recycling.

Shawn spent his first nine years in Calgary playing professional lacrosse, six of which were for the Calgary Roughnecks. During his time playing lacrosse, Shawn also worked as a Manager at an Earl’s Restaurant and in a Supply-Chain role for an Oil and Gas company. After retiring from lacrosse, he was looking for his next challenge and decided to continue his post-secondary education by enrolling in a Supply-Chain Management program at Mount Royal University.

During an Inventory and Warehouse Management course, the class took a trip to the Sears Distribution Warehouse. During the tour, Shawn realized there were no facilities available in Alberta for companies and individuals to dispose of used mattresses. After discussions with operators from the warehouse, it became clear that the only options were to ship mattresses out of province, take to local landfill / transfer sites or to dump illegally. Afterwards, Shawn spent the next several months researching the business of mattress recycling leading to the birth of Re-Matt.

Coming from a sports/coaching background and a management role in two varied industries, Shawn has assembled a strong team to tackle this issue that faces Calgary and the Province of Alberta. Re-Matt is also excited to work with community programs such as Prospect and Vecova to hire some of their work force. Re-Matt's goal is to work towards the total elimination of mattress dumping, starting in the City of Calgary and then the Province of Alberta - giving all mattresses and box spring materials a second life. 

Re-Matt's Founder and Director, Shawn Cable 

Re-Matt's Founder and Director, Shawn Cable